A complete end-to-end flow, compliance,
supply chain & commerce solution




Track &


State mandated


& Onsite

Analytics & Process Optimization & Patented IDCERTin Authentication

Finally, a full solution to scale your business!

Removes the barriers that Software and POS Don't Address (and creates a new sales engine)

The First to Solve the Industry’s Needs with a
Complete Technology Solution

A complete end-to-end flow, compliance and commerce platform

Retail: Point of Sale &

Cultivation: Track &

Automate process
Eliminating Human error

Marketing beyond
Restricted media

Cryptographic privacy
and Security
Decentralized Ledger

Individual Authentication

Regulatory Compliance:
Simply mandated

Payments and cash flow
to solve Costly Banking
and Credit Cards

Reduce Costs, Be Compliant & Catapult Revenues!

What if you could eliminate risks, lower costs, guarantee compliance, track real-time, protect data and expand sales?

Before: a pipe dream - Now: Your Reality

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The Building Blocks to Scale Your Business

Use Individually or as a Complete Solution - Meets all Jurisdictional Requirements
Integrates with current solutions and POS Software too

The Enterprise APP “Store” Platform Specifically Designed for the Cannabis Industry

The SeedCERTin Differentiator

The foundation of Trust is the immutable authentication embedded for every person, every transaction, every conversation - for everyone's sake.

Know Your P5's

P1. People

KYC (Everyone in the Supply Chain)

P2. Product

Real-time tracking of Agriculture Product with QR Code

P3. Process

Transaction Flows, Certifications, Checks and Testing

P4. Payments

Payments – Transaction Profiles

P5. Protocol

Place and Privacy of Data and Mandates

Authenticated with the Private
- Public Keys

Authentication for Verification of Each Person in Supply Chain

(1st Authentication takes less than a minute to create a private key. Only those with Authentication and a Private Key have access)

Tokenized Immutable Interaction Trail

Announcing the 1st Compliant Smart Shopping Cart!

New Solutions Other Carts Can't Provide

  • Tailored for your business and distributors
  • Create multiple branded carts
  • Personalized mobile carts
  • Compliant age verified access & transactions
  • Manage one or many stores - single user interface
  • Specialty medical cannabis tools - Prescribed & Dr. portals
  • In-store kiosks
  • On-line presence - Order for pick-up/delivery
  • API to connect to your POS

Compliant Payments - No more "Cash Only" transactions

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Payments for Merchants

Finally, a Solution Built for the Industry!

We’ve re-written the rules for Merchant Payments offering a new solution for our industry!

  • Increase your sales per customer
  • No per transaction fees
  • No chargebacks & security guarantee

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Supply Chain Check Points

With Over 400 Modules, Flexible To Rapidly Deploy Your Tailored Solution

Track and Trace Like Never Before

Eliminate Fraud

Create 100% product
quality and efficiency

Hold everyone
accountable - Trust and
Immutable record

Compliance and multiple
levels of access

A Full Canadian Solution to Connect LP’s, Doctors, Pharmacies and Patients in One Secure Space

In the past distribution, access and guidance was an issue for everyone. HealthCERTin has removed the barriers and integrated a platform to facilitate distribution, access, registration, feedback and sale of medical CBD & cannabis.

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The CBD Consumer Education & Shopping Experience

An exceptional opportunity for CBD companies to showcase their Brand and products.

A great trusted solution for consumer education and to find the best CBD products.

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A complete End-To-End Smart Contract, Supply Chain and Commerce Solution

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