Reinventing Cannabis Platform Where eCommerce - Logistics - Telehealth - Compliant Markets Converge

“In the past, Medical Cannabis was a fragmented place for LP’s, Patients, Doctors, Pharmacies and Dispensaries. The HealthCERTin platform connects the dots for everyone.”

Dr. Zeid Mohamedali, President eHealth Global

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The First-Ever Solution to Connect LP’s, Dispensaries, Pharmacies, Doctors & Patients to Expand Medical Cannabis

HealthCERTin is a platform that connects the fragmented marketplace to provide a new solution that allows rapid integration to benefit everyone

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HealthCERTin is a partnership with Canadian pharmacies to provide Canadian patients access to cannabis-based medicines.

HealthCERTin is operated by SeedCERTin and BlockCerts Blockchain, the leading digital ledger company securing privacy, data and payments to comply with all mandated privacy laws and cannabis compliance. BlockCerts spent over 1.8M development hours creating the platform.

IDCERTin - authenticates Age and ID to insure everyone is compliant in the process.

Private Keys - insures that only you and your healthcare providers have access to your data.

BlockCerts Blockchain – Creates an encrypted secure solution and storage vault for protecting data.

Compliance Canada – Now HealthCERTin provides the age verification and compliance mandated by Canada to allow for true medical cannabis order and delivery seamlessly for everyone who qualifies.

Access to Cannabis Based Medicine Is Complex and Fragmented for Patients

  • Obtaining medical document is a common challenge
  • Obtaining adequate assistance on purchase, starting dose, dose escalation, and managing side effects is poorly managed under the current regime
  • Patients have difficulty selecting appropriate cannabis product with vast array, varieties causing confusion
  • There is a lack of trusted sources of information and education
  • There is a disconnect in records for medical cannabis and prescription history

Licensed Producers Road Blocks

  • Marketing to individual patients is complex and expensive
  • Independent web-based ordering creates a compliance risk & hard to retain clients
  • Market intelligence, sales patterns, rapid direct-to-client advertising are challenging and expensive at scale

Consumers Need Guidance & Access

  • Consumers need guidance with cannabis-based medicine (CBM) in the setting of polypharmacy
  • Consumers are confused with all of the options, what to take and how to integrate into their health

Pharmacists Are Accessible

  • Pharmacies and Dr’s need access to a system to provide the best solutions to clients and patients
  • Consumers look to a trusted knowledgeable professional to help manage CBM. Licensed Producers are often not equipped with reliable, consistent professional help

HealthCERTin Integrates and Consolidates All Parties

The Streamlined Platform Simplifies, Integrates, Verifies, Tracks, Connects & Educates for a Revolutionary Medical Cannabis Solution

  • Consumers get questions answered and get guidance
  • Pharmacies and Dispensaries become a valued part of the distribution channel
  • LP’s have new distribution, analytics and new markets open

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