IDCERTin is the Key to Your Business

Based on Our Patented Secure Virtual Spaces

A Market 1st – Embedded for every person, every transaction, every conversation for everyone’s sake. Authenticate everyone simply. Digital Private Keys provide access. Designate who can see what, including compliance. Know & see who’s on the other end of every transaction. Reduce & eliminate risks that can hurt your business and secure & protect your clients and your data!

Access, Tracking and Privacy Secured by the Digital Ledger to Scale Your Business

Creating Immutable Trust in Your Business

Clients are secure, See all Touch Points Real-Time, Track and Trace Becomes Clockwork, Compliance Beyond Expectations. Digital Ledger Technology creates an immutable record of everything to quickly view all areas of your business. Secured & authenticated merchants & clients including age verification – lowers risks. New compliance access creates trust in your business

Private Keys Provide Security & the New Business Model to Separate You from Your Competition

Your Ecosystem is Secured via Private Key Identifiers.

A 64-digit private key, tied to KYP Authentication separates your business. email links can only be opened via a private key. Files can be downloaded and shared securely. Smart contracts minimize disputes. Track every touch point in your system and see who and when it was updated or accessed.

Private Key Access & Tracking

Registration &


File Storage

Email Links

Secure IM


Vendor Access


Employees &

Lab Tests &
Smart Contract

Registration &
Age Verification

How IDCERTin Works

Take a Picture - Upload Selfie

Upload Government ID

Upload Another Form of I.D.

Create Private - Public Key

Options Based on Your Business Needs

  • Quick Verification using Facial Recognition
  • Compliance Officer Review
  • LexisNexis Age Verification
  • System Checks against World Check Database

The SeedCERTin Differentiator

The foundation of Trust is the immutable authentication embedded for every person, every transaction, every conversation - for everyone's sake.

Know Your P5’s

P1. People

KYC (Everyone in the Supply Chain)

P2. Product

Real-time tracking of Agriculture Product with QR Code

P3. Process

Transaction Flows, Certifications, Checks and Testing

P4. Payments

Payments – Transaction Profiles

P5. Protocol

Place and Privacy of Data and Mandates

Authenticated with the Private
- Public Keys

Authentication for Verification of Each Person in Supply Chain

(1st Authentication takes less than a minute to create a private key. Only those with Authentication and a Private Key have access)

Tokenized Immutable Interaction Trail

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